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I run Evendis Pte Ltd where we specialize in Rails and BigData software development. You've arrived at my personal landing page where I try to tie together my presence on the Web.

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Blogging as Tardate 11.2 and It's a Prata Life

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This is a selection of my personal / open-source projects. Connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more about my professional portfolio.


A ruby library for really simple access to government data. RGovData can be used as a command line tool, a library for ruby projects, or a library for rails projects.

This is an open source project hosted on github.


The Attack Vector Dashboard to accompany the NoAgenda Show by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

This is an open source project hosted on github.

It goes PING!

A simple utility for testing services with range of common protocols: TCP, HTTP/S, LDAP/S

This is an open source project hosted on github.

jQuery Add-to-Calendar

A jQuery UI widget for including "add to calendar" capability on any website.

This is an open source project hosted on github.

RFC3339 dates in Javascript

A small open sourced library that adds native RFC 3339/ISO 8601 date support to the javascript Date object.

This is an open source project hosted on github.

CSS Zen Banger

A tool to quickly review style modifications to an existing web site.


CloudJetty is a community-maintained buyers' guide to the latest "cloud" services and applications on the web.


Authlogic RPX is gem that extends the Authlogic framework for Rails, adding support for the RPX multi-authentication service by JanRain.

This is an open source project hosted on github.

I Tweet My Way

I Tweet My Way is a twitter application to help you to set goals and get things done with the support of your friends and followers.

ChordMaster 2000 - guitar chord tutor

ChordMaster 2000 is a tool to help you learn chord fingerings for guitar. Play along in 'Practice' mode to drill the chords into memory. Switch into 'Flashchord' mode to test yourself. Crank up the 'Difficulty' rating and let it take you into uncharted territory!

jTab - Guitar Chord and Tab Notation for the Web

A javascript library that easily renders arbitrary guitar chord and tabulature (tab) notation on the web. Automatically!

This is an open source project hosted on github.

Sources collection at github

A collection of open source samples and demonstration code that I've release. Most are associated with articles I've posted on the tardate blog. See the README for details.

This is an open source project hosted on github.

Recaptcha for Oracle SSO

This is a demonstration of integrating the CAPTCHA service from with Oracle Single-Sign-On. It can be used in production OSSO deployments, and also as an example of integrating any 3rd party authentication system with OSSO.

This is an open source project hosted on sourceforge.

Rewrite Request Header Filter

RewriteRequestHeaderFilter is a Java servlet filter for request header rewrites according to regex rules specified in the servlet init parameters. It is packaged as a sample application and also jar that can be inserted into any arbitrary site.

This is an open source project hosted on sourceforge.

JDeveloper IDE External Filter Add-in

An open source add-in for Oracle's JDeveloper that invokes an external program to filter text selected in the IDE. It allows you to use, for example, scripting languages such as Ruby or Perl to apply custom text filters within the IDE.

This is an open source project hosted on sourceforge.

Speak Good Singlish!

A little Singlish translator in javascript, inspired by the folks from


I've been maintaining and enhancing the tree-sync perl script, originally created by Chang Liu. It is used to mirror or replicate a directory structure.

Available on CPAN, with master source hosted on github.


One grumpy day .. a quick little app that attempts to create awareness of some security ratholes common to many 'social networking' services.


HTML/URI Encoder

JavaScript formatter

Google Calendar link-maker


Quick Ruby / Rails lookup

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Oracle Metalink Lookup

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Tardate 11.2

This is my technical blog. Generally a diary of tips, scripts and tools for some of the more interesting things I'm playing around with, and the occasional soapbox post on cloud computing, innovation, design, management practices, and development methodologies. Tends towards an eclectic mix of Oracle, Open Source, Web design and development topics.

It's a Prata Life

My personal journal about all the best things about life in Singapore. Roti prata .. reading .. eating .. talk cock .. movies .. prata .. music .. more prata ..

The Adventures of Ecka the Echidna (えくか)

An occasional cartoon following the adventures of Ecka .. occasionally funny;-)


I'm an avid reader and listener to audiobooks and podcasts, and a National Library of Singapore fanboy.

I use bookjetty to track my reading ( see my library on bookjetty here ), and will often write about books that made the most impression on the It's a Prata Life blog.